NHS Kind to your Mind from NHS & Councils in Merseyside & Cheshire

Be Kind To Your Mind is a series for the NHS and councils in Cheshire & Merseyside aimed at helping keyworkers, their families and the wider general public build resilience through lockdown and beyond.

Guests have included footballer Andy Cole, gymnast Beth Tweddle and BBC’s Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

Listen to the series: podfollow.com/kind-to-your-mind

Transitioning to Carbon Net Zero from Standard Chartered

Transitioning to Carbon Net Zero discusses the challenges involved in decarbonising the global economy. Featuring interviews with senior leaders at Standard Chartered, host Libby Potter uncovers the complexities of calculating carbon emissions, the negative effects of greenwashing, and the real-world impact of sustainable financing. This series was produced in partnership with BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions.

Hear the full episodes here: https://play.acast.com/s/transitioning-to-carbon-net-zero

Generation RAF – Royal Air Force

Welcome to Generation RAF. In this series you’re going to discover opportunities that could literally change your life because a career in the Royal Air Force is like no other. From the speedy role progression to the unrivalled skills and training you receive; all whilst travelling around the world and making friends for life, it really is No Ordinary Job. Over the course of this series, we will hear first-hand accounts from team members, and you’ll hear candid accounts of what life is really like in the Royal Air Force.

Unlocking Science from the International Science Council

Covid-19 has propelled the work of scientists around the world centre stage, with scientific and expert authority being put under a microscope. With a deluge of information now freely available at the touch of a button, sources of truth and the hierarchical nature of science information-sharing is being challenged. Can science communication evolve to be more inclusive? Join the International Science Council in this 4-part podcast series as they discuss everything from social media and trust to identity and knowledge, seeking to discover how we can unlock science for everyone. This series was produced in partnership with BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions.

Hear the full episodes here: https://play.acast.com/s/unlocking-science

The FootballCo Business Podcast

Join Alex Manby as he speaks to some of the most creative minds in the sport, getting their views on the business behind the beautiful game – from partnerships and branding to E-sports and new platforms.
Hear the full episodes here: www.podfollow.com/footballco-business-podcast

Accelerating Health from Access Accelerated

Since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, healthcare systems have faced unprecedented challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerability of those living with non-communicable diseases, conditions that are not transmissible such as: heart disease, stroke, chronic lung disease, cancer and diabetes. These diseases are collectively responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide every year. Now more than ever, people are looking at how we deal with health and recognising the pressures health systems face. Yet despite this global focus on health and healthcare delivery, NCDs remain a growing, critical concern. Accelerating Health looks at these issues head on, exploring the successful projects and organisations already making a difference, and asking what will happen in the coming years? This series was produced in partnership with BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions.

Hear the full episodes here: https://play.acast.com/s/access-accelerated-podcast-series

Think Which Service from NHS Shropshire Telford & Wrekin

When we’re sick, we all want to feel better as quickly as possible and speak to someone who can help. There is a range of NHS services to choose from and as pressures continue to mount, knowing which one to use, and when, will make sure everyone in our local community gets the right help at the right time. In Series 1 Dr Ranj Singh and in Series 2 Dr Hilary Jones chats with the people providing these services to discover more and what they can offer.

Trade Talk Powered by Travis Perkins

Welcome to Trade Talk powered by Travis Perkins. Whether you’re a plasterer, builder, plumber, joiner, landscaper or electrician, this podcast is for anyone working in the trade. Hosted by Sally Wallace, the team are here to help keep you up to date with the latest trade news and advice.

Doctor Who: 60 Years of Friends and Foes – BBC Radio 4

Sue Perkins explores how Doctor Who has reflected our social history on and off screen – from advances in technology to politics, violence, gender and sexuality.

Listen tot he progamme here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001smw2


Doctor Who: The Welsh Connection – BBC Radio Wales

We celebrate the 60th anniversary of TV’s longest running science fiction series and its special relationship with Wales.

Listen to the programme here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001skd2



America’s Relief Mission – BBC World Service

How Florida’s Baptist Relief provided support for local communities affected by Hurricane Ian.

Listen to the prgramme here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3ct4pjj


In the Studio – BBC World Service

James Corner, founder of the urban landscape design company Field Operations is known for the New York High Line and has a complex new project in London, the Camden High Line.

You can hear the full prgramme here: BBC World Service – In the Studio, James Corner

Talking TMC from The Manchester College

Welcome to Talking TMC from The Manchester College. We’ll be covering a broad range of topics on college life, what to expect from college and the support we offer, hearing from both The Manchester College experts and learners.

Your Guide to Uni with UCEN Manchester

Welcome to Your Guide to Uni with UCEN Manchester. Join Jack Wood and guests to discover more about living and studying here in Manchester, the practical courses on offer and what it is like returning to education if you’re an adult.

The Spirit of Castlefield

Welcome to The Spirit of Castlefield, exploring the spaces, places and people of Castlefield in Manchester. This series is by Castlefield Forum, the charity preserving and enhancing Castlefield for the benefit of those who live, work and play here. It is kindly supported by Voiceworks, the audio production and voice technology company.

Inside Learning: Talking Prison Education from NOVUS

Prison education matters. It helps prisoners develop the skills they need to get a job, break the cycle of reoffending and turn their lives around. Join experts from Novus and influencers from across the offender learning sector as we explore cutting edge prison education pedagogy, policy and practice. Hosted by Steve Exley.

A Transport Pioneer – BBC Radio Wales

Carol Vorderman tells the story of Monmouth legend Charles Rolls, co-founder of Rolls-Royce, daredevil, pilot and engineer whose incredible achievements made a significant contribution to transportation technology today.

Hear the full episode here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00198l3



Experian: know the Score

The Experian podcast about using your credit score to support your financial goals.  Got questions on how to manage your money or looking for information on how to take control of your finances?

In each episode of ‘Know The Score’, host Gareth Evans speaks to industry experts, including podcast regular John Webb from Experian, to help you manage your money with confidence.

We’ll have empowering conversations about financial health, credit scores, money goals, savings, mortgages, loans and debts… so if you dream of a better financially future, this is the podcast for you.

Talking TMC from The Manchester College

Welcome to Talking TMC from The Manchester College. We’ll be covering a broad range of topics on college life, what to expect from college and the support we offer, hearing from both The Manchester College experts and learners.

Voiceworks: Sound Business

This is a podcast all about sound. About how it can help you and your brand reach more people, deliver your message more effectively and deepen engagement with new and existing audiences. ‘Voiceworks: Sound Business’ is a podcast series speaking to some of the most creative minds and pioneering personalities in audio as it explores every aspect of the industry from voice technology to audio-branding to podcasting itself.
Hear the full episodes here: https://www.podfollow.com/sound-business

US election: Socially distant – BBC World Service

Ahead of the US presidential election on 3 November, two socially distanced views of the pre-election political landscape of America, explore different perspectives on key issues and themes from the last four years of the Trump presidency and a campaign curtailed by Covid-19 restrictions. Susan Glasser writes a Letter from Trump’s Washington column for the New Yorker magazine where she is a staff writer and a long-standing reporter of US elections and politicians. She has been critical of the way Donald Trump has governed. Joe Borelli is a New York City Council member, a Republican who represents Staten Island. He is a regular contributor to talk radio and TV and is an outspoken critic of the Covid-19 policies of the city’s mayor Bill de Blasio and New York’s Governor Cuomo.
(Photo: US citizens wearing face masks with the word ‘Vote’. Credit: Reuters)
Hear the full episode here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csz6ly

The Test – BBC World Service

In this three part series, economist Jim O’Neill stress-tests the future of the US economy and the dollar in the global economy. How has the Covid pandemic tested America’s capacity for economic recovery? What challenges do new digital currencies like bitcoin pose for the dollar? How might the Biden administration’s plans and new thinking redefine America’s place in the world?
Hear the full episodes here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00100d8

Landscapes of the Mind – BBC Radio 4

James Corner explores how Covid’s impact on mental health has raised interest in urban landscapes. He designed New York’s High Line and is working on a similar project in Camden.
Hear the full episode here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00100d8

In The Studio – BBC World Service

Tyler Childers was nominated for a Grammy in early 2020. He’s an emerging talent who is true to his Appalachian roots.

We take will a deep dive into contemporary life, music and culture of East Kentucky, with help from Brett Ratliff, programme director of community radio station WMMT in Whitesburg, Kentucky, in the heart of Appalachia’s coal fields, and hear about Kentucky story-telling from author Silas House.

And with his US tour suspended because of the coronavirus lockdown, we hear how Tyler and his wife Senora May – also a singer songwriter – are drawing on their home, and their own relationship, for creative inspiration.

Hear the full episode here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3cszvb6

Discover Newark, Southwell and Sherwood Forest – Newark County Council

This is the podcast which helps you explore this legendary part of Nottinghamshire, famed as the home of Robin Hood and for its role in the English Civil War. Whether you’re after history through the ages, ancient woodlands, delicious dining, shopping or thrilling activities, Newark, Southwell & Sherwood Forest have a truly legendary experience waiting for YOU!

Dr Beckman Uncovered – Acdoco Ltd

Welcome to Dr. Beckmann: Uncovered. Here you’ll discover ways to get a cleaner home and understand the science behind some of the nation’s top cleaning products. And throughout this series we’ll share cleaning tips, special offers and life hacks to make your life easier!

Newcastle Fostering – Newcastle City Council

Newcastle Fostering is an inside look into fostering with Newcastle City Council, told from the perspective of the young people in our care, our foster carers and staff from the fostering team. Listen to real people talk about the rewards and challenges of helping young people across the city and the impact their experiences have had on them.

Newport Live – Newport Live

Newport Live has become the first choice for sporting, leisure and cultural activities in Newport. With a large number of fitness classes, sports and live performances on offer, this new podcast takes you behind the scenes to learn from health experts, hear inspirational stories from gym members and discover all of the cultural events that Newport has to offer.

Petplace – Petplace

Welcome to the podcast series from Pet Place. In each episode we will hear from experts and owners as we share advice, inspiration, life hacks and tips to help fellow pet parents. Our team will help you and your pet understand one another better, and we will share signs you should look for when it comes to caring for your pet. Plus we’ll show how to get the most out of the great outdoors with your pet.

Thomas Rotherham College Podcast – Thomas Rotherham College

Thomas Rotherham College is a highly successful sixth-form college in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Emma Lenney chats with the staff and students about the different paths available to learners and finds out what life is really like in further education.

TSC Talks – The Sheffield College

The Sheffield College is a well-respected further education college providing high-quality academic, technical and vocational training that enhances qualifications, skills and employability across the Sheffield region. This podcast discovers the college’s students first approach, the careers-based opportunities that students experience to help them go further in their careers, and the innovative employer partnerships between The Sheffield College and local and national businesses which are preparing the next generation for work.

Visit Linlithgow – Visit Linlithgow

In this travel series, you’ll hear from the people who know Linlithgow best. We’ll find about Linlithgow’s history, why it’s one of the best towns to visit for events and its connection to TV and film!

The Simple Life Chat – Simple Life Homes

Through conversations with real residents, the Simple Life team, and our partners, The Simple Life Chat looks to readdress the balance in the way renting is perceived, showing what a positive and engaging experience it can be. Whether as a temporary pit-stop, a long-term lifestyle choice, or an opportunity to try something new, there’s more to renting than just a property or a landlord. Get under the skin of what it means to rent, the community it builds, and discover more along the way.

All of US: The US Women’s Soccer Show from Goal US

Goal presents your go-to podcast for all things U.S. Women’s Soccer. Seth Vertelney and Ameé Ruszkai bring you the latest news from the U.S. Women’s National Team, the National Women’s Soccer League, the World Cup, Olympics and beyond.

How To Retire Happy from Joslin Rhodes

In this podcast you will discover the importance of planning for a brighter and happier future. Over the course of the series, we share real advice for real people. You will hear practical tips and first-hand accounts, and you will discover how this can make a genuine difference to your future.

Listen now: https://podfollow.com/how-to-retire-happy

Inside Holiday Lettings from Sykes Cottages

In this podcast, our guests from across the industry offer practical advice, sharing the tools you need to get your holiday let business up and running. We list things to consider when buying a holiday home to rent out, what research you need to be carrying out and why holiday let agents could be your best friend. We also focus on the effect that COVID has had on the UK holiday industry, the surge in staycations and why now is a good time to invest in a holiday let.

Listen now: https://podfollow.com/inside-holiday-letting

Earliest Years of Life from Better Start Bradford

Earliest Years of Life is an uplifting and engaging series that looks at how formative babies’ earliest months and years are. Better Start Bradford’s Zak and Kerry talk with early years specialists from around the UK, to find out how babies and children can be given the best possible start in life.

Listen here: https://podfollow.com/earliest-years-of-life 

Poppy and Zander in Zen Forest from Equazen

These audio and downloadable books are written by award winning children’s book author Jimmy Docherty and are developed for 4-7-year-olds; but don’t be surprised if you fall in love with them too (and not just because they’re keeping your little ones quiet!).



We Are Newman

Welcome to Cardinal Newman College! This podcast series allows you to get a deeper understanding of the college, it’s people and courses.

Listen here: https://podfollow.com/we-are-newman

Northants Now

In light of the increase in COVID cases in our county, this first Northants Now podcast discusses the current lockdown examining what our special guests and their organisations are doing and why.  Joining Gareth Evans in this episode are representatives from Northants Police, Northants Social Services and Public Health Northamptonshire.

Listen here: https://podfollow.com/northants-now

Visit Fife by Visit Fife

Katy Johnston takes us on a virtual journey of Fife.  Katy chats with the experts to help you to discover the coastal treasures, hidden foodie delights, and historical wonders that Fife has to offer. Welcome to Fife!

Introduction to Cybercrime for Small Business from Hertfordshire County Council

This series is an introduction to cybercrime for small businesses from Hertfordshire County Council. John Darin explores what cybercrime is, how it can affect you or your business and chats with people who have been victims of it. We often hear about money or data theft but how does it happen? What can you do to protect yourself and your business?

Listen now: https://www.podfollow.com/hertscybercrime

Talking Care & Clinical Support from Home Group

Welcome to the Talking care and clinical support podcast from Home Group. Here you’ll discover how Home Group’s unique mix of health, social care and housing services are assisting customers across England. As a large housing and care provider, Home Group recognise the diverse needs in communities and their team of specialists and clinicians work with customers with complex needs to support them to live more independent lives and improve their health and wellbeing. Throughout this series we’ll learn more about how the team is meeting the challenges of implementing innovative new models of care and the difference they are making to their customers and families right now.

Listen now: https://www.podfollow.com/talking-care-and-clinical-support

Selby College Podcast from Selby College

Welcome to the Selby College Podcast where you’ll discover more about College life and the vast range of courses on offer. Gareth Evans chats with students past and present along with the tutors themselves to hear directly from the people in the know.

Listen now: https://www.podfollow.com/selby-college-podcast

Journeys – An Oasis Cardiff Podcast from Oasis Cardiff

Cardiff is a city rich in multi-culturalism and diversity. With refugees and asylum seekers from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Mali, and Congo – all hoping to make a better life for themselves here. But we rarely hear about the stories behind the people who have come here – where they came from, how they got here, and why they had to leave their native country.
Adeola Dewis brings us the real and powerful stories of those who have made the long and different journey to get here and finds out how Oasis in Cardiff works side-by-side with refugees and asylum seekers to help them integrate into our community.

Listen now: https://www.podfollow.com/journeys-an-oasis-cardiff-podcast

Explore with Visit Bradford from Bradford Council

Welcome to the Explore with Visit Bradford Podcast, helping you discover everything that Bradford and District has to offer.  Whether you’re looking for incredible history, entertainment, the great outdoors, shopping opportunities, luxury dining or fantastic museums, this part of West Yorkshire has something for you!

RNN Group Podcast from RNN Group

Welcome to the RNN Group Podcast where you’ll discover more about college life and the vast range of career focussed courses on offer at Rotherham College, North Notts College and Dearne Valley College. Debbie chats with the tutors and also hears from students past and present about their experience of learning with the RNN Group.

Listen now: https://www.podfollow.com/rnngroup

Be Bury College Ready from Bury College

Welcome to the Bury College Podcast where you’ll discover more about how to be prepared for the transition from Year 11 to College life. Sophie chats with key members of the team who are committed to helping school leavers achieve their best, and ultimately Be Bury College Ready!

Listen now: https://www.podfollow.com/burycollege

Adventures in North Wales from Go North Wales

Welcome to Adventures in North Wales from Go North Wales. In this series Megan Llyn explores North Wales with its world-leading outdoor adventure activities, brilliant beaches, thrilling mountain scenery and ancient culture and heritage. Whether you’re planning a day-trip or a staycation in North Wales, this travel guide will give you a peek into some of the great things to see and do.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/adventures-in-north-wales

Little Dreamers Big Achievers at Home from SFI International

During these trying times, this series hopes to give parents who are juggling employment and home-schooling their children, practical help and advice from our health experts covering a range of topics from nutrition to sleep and home schooling to mental health.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/little-dreamers-big-achievers-at-home

All About Property Podcast from Strata

Rachael Howarth presenter and property investor gets together a team of experts in the studio for the All About Property podcast with Strata.
Each episode focusses on a specific area in the world of property, designed to help you make the right decisions whether you’re investing, selling or buying.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/all-about-property


Neurodiverstiy Matters from SFI

In this series we’ll look at all aspects of neurodiversity. Talking with experts and people with first-hand experience, we want to share our learning from a wide range of people with incredible neurological differences.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/neurodiversitymatters

Active Leeds from Leeds City Council

Active Leeds from Leeds City Council has 16 leisure centres in the area and is on a mission to make the city the best place in which to be active. Go behind the scenes to learn from fitness experts, hear inspiring stories from members about their fitness journeys and discover more about the range of facilities on offer.

North Lanarkshire Working from North Lanarkshire Council

In this podcast series hear direct from experts and those who have experienced modern apprenticeships to help you find your perfect job in North Lanarkshire. From interview and CV tips to real life stories the series also visits Motherwell FC to talk with goal keeper Mark Gillepsie about how he strives to be the best version of himself and with the club’s Sports Scientist Andy Boles to hear how health, wellbeing and nutrition are all important for a positive working life.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/n-l-working

Durham Works from Durham County Council

Durham Works is a partnership project between Durham County Council and partner organisations working together to support young people who are not in education, employment or training. In this series explore how DurhamWorks helps young people overcome the barriers to getting into work with insightful conversations from both employers and employees. Hear about the support they give to those who aren’t quite ready for the labour market to ensure they achieve their future goals.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/durhamworks

Results Day with SQA from SQA

2020 has been a challenging year for all, in this podcast, Katy J chats to Keegan from SQA and answers some of the big questions students may have about results to help ease worries whilst they can not do it in person.

Listen here: https://podfollow.com/sqa

Made in QEGS from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Wakefield

Made in QEGS’ by Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Wakefield, an Independent school. Hosted by Ian Brannan it features former Head Boy and now Cambridge Uni student Joe Gatus , QEGS Director of Studies Mark Fitzsimons and listening in, Head of Marketing at the school, Niall Williams. The discussion was fantastic – a real insight into Joe’s journey and the benefits of the school without a hard sell – all with some great laughs along the way.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/made-in-qegs 

Barnsley College Podcast from Barnsley College

A branded podcast series which aims to help young people take the right path when choosing a college, give them a flavour of what life is like when they’re there and then opportunities available afterwards.​

This was recorded on-location at the college campus with interesting round the table discussions with staff and students.​

The Voiceworks team were complimented by Barnsley College on the ability to put great questions to our guests and make them feel at ease leading to natural and insightful conversation​

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/barnsleycollege

Busnes Cymru / Business Wales COVID-19 Support from Welsh Government

Support for Businesses is a podcast series from Business Wales. During the lockdown, the Welsh Government had announced a range of measures to support businesses and workers across Wales, speaking with a range of guests to let workers know the latest information and support packages that are available to them.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/covid-19-support-for-businesses-covid-19-cymorth-i-fusnesau

Aberdein Considine Property Podcast from Aberdein Considine

The ‘Aberdein Considine Property Podcast’ is the guide to all things property in Scotland whether you’re a first-time buyer, seasoned pro or a property investor.  In this podcast series you will hear free advice from experts to help you on your property journey.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/aberdeinconsidine

Dementia Care Our Way from B&M Care

Each of the six episodes looks at how B&M Care’s ‘Rose Model of Dementia Care’ is embedding best practice across the Group, and improving areas of our business such as Building Design, Compliance, Day-to-Day Practice and Engagement & Wellbeing.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/bmcare

Blinded Faith from Voiceworks Originals

Blinded Faith sees host Yasser Ranjha chat to people about their faiths and beliefs. They are honest, bold conversations with a range of guests to hear their experiences and stories about what they believe, in a bid to broaden our minds and hear the side of the story to which we might be blind.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/blindedfaith

Adoption Glasgow from Glasgow City Council

A podcast all about an adoption journey, the highs, the lows and the bits in between. Each episode shares experiences and discuss general life as well as specifics.

Listen here: https://www.podfollow.com/adoption-glasgow

Wakefield College Podcast from Wakefield College

Go behind the scenes of Wakefield College to hear from students and staff with invaluable help and advice for college life.

Huddersfield College is the largest of its kind in the district, with an impressive track record providing education and training in Wakefield and its surrounding area since 1868.

Listen here: https://podfollow.com/wakefield-college-podcast