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Looking good no longer cuts it - you have to sound good too

Management Team

Sophie Hind

Sophie Hind – Managing Director

Sophie’s extensive multimedia career means she knows what it takes to stand out. Come and be outstanding – get in touch!

Email: sophie.hind@voiceworks.ai

Neil Sloan

Neil Sloan – Group Content Director

Neil has been telling radio presenters what to do for over 20 years. Those that listen grow audience, win awards and have very successful careers. Those that don’t, mysteriously disappear.

Email: neil.sloan@voiceworks.ai

Kyle Evans

Kyle Evans – Head Of Content

Luckily Kyle’s love of cats and gin hasn’t got in the way of a sparkling career spanning 20 years as a creative leader in audio and radio.

Email: kyle.evans@voiceworks.ai

John-Paul Hughes

John Paul Hughes – Creative Director

Kill the cliché. Murder the mundane. Death to all that is drab and dreary. If you want effective ideas that live long in hearts and minds, JP is your man.

Email: john-paul.hughes@voiceworks.ai

Jim Salveson

Jim Salveson – Head of Sport Social

Jim’s year 4 teacher said he talked too much… and she was probably right. Since then he’s rarely shut up and has clocked up a 20 year career as producer, presenter and podcaster.

Email: jim.salveson@voiceworks.ai

Paul Swaine


Paul Swaine – Brand Partnerships Director

Passionate about people and partnerships, working close with national and regional clients, and agencies on successful audio marketing strategies.

Email: paul.swaine@voiceworks.ai

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