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artificial intelligence driving the next digital (r)evolution

innovators and leaders in voice technology solutions

alexa skills

market leader for it’s Alexa-powered smart speakers, Amazon’s technology is also widely integrated into common household items, such as Kindle and Smart TVs. voiceworks is a development and content partner for Amazon, building future-proof voice technology solutions for the most used digital assistant.

google actions

the power of this AI lies within smartphones, with Google Assistant available on any device running Android OS. voiceworks helps clients develop a voice technology presence within Google infrastructure and increase discoverability through both digital assistant and voice search.

apple siri

the original digital assistant available on all Apple devices, from iPhone to Watch and CarPlay. although least talked about, Siri is continuously developing its technology and features, and is the leader when it comes to device control and accessibility.

conversational AI

conversational AI builds on the capabilities of the platforms to improve your customers experience.  we are continuously developing our own proprietary voice technology, contributing to artificial intelligence and machine learning industry development.

the speed of change is real

ten years ago, smartphone adoption rates shocked the world. this year, smart speaker adoption rate is due to overtake it.


of consumers* speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once a day


of smart speaker owners are interested in receiving promotional info from brands**


of smart speaker owners already use their device for shopping***

* in the 25-49 age groupSource: PwC

** Source: Google

*** Source: Narvar

voice is coming to every device, every platform and every home   
voiceworks develop voice technology solutions for all major digital assistants and smart speaker platforms

we work in partnership with Amazon and Google development and content teams, to provide our clients with innovative solutions to engage with new audiences and create unique, interactive user experiences

amazon alexa

million alexa enabled devices sold worldwide

currently the most popular digital assistant, with over 100 million devices sold with Alexa assistant built-in (including Echo smart speakers, Kindle Fire, Facebook Portal and more)

google assistant


use a google assistant to purchase goods

fastest growing digital assistant is expected to be activated on most Android devices by 2020, creating a global audience of more than one billion users