audio branding

looking good no longer cuts it, you need to sound good too.

our audio branding services 

we provide the full audio branding proposition across all audio touchpoints.

from translating the mood and tone of your brand to audio, to finding the right voice talent to carry your sound, we can build you a complete audio profile.


the audio influence

audio’s ability to influence and persuade is well documented. from our most primal understanding of the world around us to how we interact with brands, sound has a dramatic impact on memory encoding, recollection and retention.

“brand identities synched to music and sound score significantly higher on cut-through and brand recall.”

– Millward Brown


increase in memory encoding when music is used across advertising campaigns

our audio branding process


audio moodboard session

working with our team of audio specialists we will audit your current audio profile and use that as the basis to build out a refreshed audio framework. with the goal being to produce a creative audio brief that will be used in the next stage.


audio content development

working from the creative audio brief we will begin to bring together the individual aspects of your audio brand. voice casting, sound design and functional sound creation all falls under our audio content development process. 


your audio roadmap

once fleshed out, we will work with your team to develop audio brand guidelines that fit with your current business model, moving on to break down silos within your business and educate on audio best practices.